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[three_fourth last=”yes”]Chris Mangum is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in strategy, business development, M&A, corporate venturing, innovation and entrepreneurship across a broad range of business models.  From 2007 to 2012, Mangum led corporate strategy and business development for CenturyLink, where he was part of a leadership team that grew the rural telecom’s market capitalization from $2.5 billion to over $25 billion.  While there, he led the development of the company’s growth strategy, championed the firm’s move into the data hosting / cloud space with the $3.2 billion acquisition of Savvis, and incubated highly profitable new revenue streams that represented the future of the business.  From 1998 to 2007, Mangum led an entrepreneurial advisory firm that he co-founded in Atlanta called Venture X Group.  At Venture X Group, Mangum helped to launch over 100 entrepreneurial projects, representing investments of over $150 million.  Successes include SecureWorks (sold to Dell in 2011 for $650 million), MFG.com (Jeff Bezos portfolio company) and AirBand (nation’s largest B2B wireless broadband provider).  From 1994 to 1998, Mangum led a strategic development team for BellSouth, partnering with such mobile computing pioneers as General Magic, Palm, Compaq and QuickSilver.  Mangum earned his BA in Psychology from Rhodes College, with an emphasis in economic behavior and organizational design, and his JD / MBA from Emory University.  Prior to graduate school, he was a military intelligence officer in the U.S. Army.[/three_fourth]