We have worked with over 100 companies across many industries and in various capacities since 1998. While we cannot provide specific details about our client engagements, these examples should provide insight into how we work with our clients.

A $900 million publicly traded company retained VXG to perform due diligence and market analysis of a potential acquisition. The VXG team worked with the corporate development and technology teams utilizing internal templates and processes for a consistent presentation to the executive team.

VXG was retained to explore commercializing a university developed software application used by other academic institutions. The firm first developed a business plan then assisted the team with executing a marketing plan to test viability in the commercial market.

After using a “canned” financial modeling tool, an angel backed ¬†startup needed to develop a custom financial model to better understand the financial implications of its business strategy on the resources necessary to execute that strategy. VXG developed a modular custom Excel model which was built upon tangible metrics and drivers which would be used as part of its investor and partner package as well as for internal tracking.

VXG was retained by a company that had recently gone through an IPO to develop a strategic business plan for a new business concept tied to its core business. Rather than commit internal resources focused on growing the core business, the company utilized VXG to explore new opportunities.

VXG worked with a Fortune 500 telecommunications company over multiple years to complement the strategic planning team in exploring opportunities in an area where the company had limited experience and/or resources. Additionally, VXG also advised on various board level initiatives.

VXG was retained by a $100 million revenue Inc. 5000 company as outsourced corporate development to expand its product and service offering through strategic partnerships. Working with marketing, product management and operational teams, VXG developed 5 partnerships across three new product lines ready for implementation.

Over several years, VXG assisted one company with multiple rounds of venture funding totaling $30 million in addition to acting as interim CFO prior to bringing in a full time resource. VXG assisted in identifying multiple executive team members and facilitating a management retreat to develop an integrated revenue growth plan.

VXG worked with a large wireless carrier as part of its new product development process to perform initial due diligence and market analysis on potential opportunities and recommending whether or not the opportunity would move to the next part of the process.

VXG worked with a company through its initial funding, developing the business plan and consulted on its fund raising strategy. After funding, a VXG associate served as an interim CFO and eventually became its permanent CFO.